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Arlington DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Over 120 Cases Tried

At The Bauguss Law Firm, we have the experience you can depend on. It's crucial to hire a law firm that has made a reputation for itself. Enlisting the support of an experienced trial attorney will make a difference in the outcome of your case. The opposing side will always know how experienced your lawyer is. That makes a difference. Our firm has handled thousands of cases. Our founding attorney, James Bauguss, has handled thousands of cases in his career, including more than 120 jury trials. Many lawyers go an entire career without seeing the inside of a courtroom, much less trying a case in front of an actual jury. Those lawyers fear the courtroom, and their opponents know it. Our opponents know that we never fear the courtroom – we welcome it. We are there every day. When you hire us, you are hiring quality, hands on representation and a wealth of courtroom experience.

We have successfully helped thousands of clients pursue the results they deserve. Through years of hard work, tenacity and legal acumen, our firm has achieved highly successful results in criminal cases, including Dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts. In civil cases we have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. Our opponents know this.

Prosecuting attorneys from the state of Texas and United States government are familiar with our firm. They know that we will take them to trial if necessary to protect our clients' rights. They know that we have beaten them before with Not Guilty verdicts, and we can beat them again, and they remember that when they try to negotiate plea bargains with us.

Insurance companies and their lawyers are familiar with our firm, and know that we are willing to take them to trial if they don't offer what is fair. At the Bauguss Law Firm, our goal in every case is to get the best possible outcome, as quickly and efficiently as possible. While other firms split their attention on their hundreds or thousands of cases, our time is always focused where it should be – not on the dollar signs and monthly quotas, but on our clients. Every client's case is important to us. We are dedicated to individualized, personal service. We use our small size to your advantage, treating you with the attention and service you deserve. We know every client by name, not by a case number.

We have the experience of a big firm, while maintaining the personal treatment of a small firm. You will meet with one attorney throughout the entire duration of your case. We have handled cases in Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Johnson and Smith County. No matter what type of charges or lawsuit you are dealing with, our firm is prepared to help. We handle criminal, personal injury and employment cases.

Accused of drunken driving in Arlington, Texas?

Being arrested for DWI is a life changing event. In the days that follow, you feel lower than you have ever felt, you are under tremendous stress, and yet, you are faced with decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You need experienced, effective legal counsel.

Our firm's mission is to prevent wrongful DWI convictions. Wrongful convictions happen every single day. These are cases where people plead guilty when they shouldn't, or lose at trial when they should have won. Even if YOU believe you are guilty, we will look at all of the evidence before you make a final decision, and get you the best possible outcome so that you can move forward with your life. If you are unsure of whether you are guilty, than you are probably not. Many think they are guilty simply because they are arrested, and don't realize the biases that police officers hold. We will give you the advice you need to make the right decision for you. But remember, the decision is ALWAYS yours.

Injured in a car crash in Dallas, Tarrant, Denton or Collin County?

While some accidents may only lead to vehicle damage, others result in serious injuries. If you are suffering an injury from a car accident, you may need legal support. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, causing you more frustration and pain. Their goal is to pay as little as possible, despite what they might owe you due to the negligence of their driver. Our firm has handled thousands of personal injury cases, recovering the money that clients deserved. No matter what type of personal injury case you are dealing with, we are prepared to help. Don't let the insurance companies keep the money that belongs to you. We are ready to fight for your case.

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